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Copper Pipe Holder

A simple yet elegant multi-purpose copper tube holder.

This handcrafted item can be used for a multitude of applications. Shown is a candle holder but could also be used for flower stems, stationary, make-up brushes, cutlery or anything else you can come up with!

The material used is 15 mm and 22 mm copper tubing. Each piece is hand cut and gently polished for a natural looking finish. Each piece is glued to the next using a super strong silicone based sealant which is waterproof.

I love this piece and think it would fit in well to any modern home décor setting. Its versatile with as many uses as you can think of.

The approximate dimensions are 250 mm long x 200 mm high by 50 mm deep

The item is packaged in bubble wrap and a cardboard box for shipping.

3 no. candles are included!